Mit KI der dritten Welle auf Erfolgskurs: 21strategies sammelt Millionenbetrag in Pre-A-Runde ein
21strategies · 24. January 2023
21strategies sammelt Millionenbetrag in Pre-A-Runde mit strategischem Investor ein.
On the road to success with Third Wave AI
21strategies · 24. January 2023
21strategies raises millions with strategic Series Pre-A investor.

21strategies: Corporate research and young talent development
21strategies · 10. May 2022
21strategies combines deep tech business with corporate research activities. Find out more about what we are researching.
Inspiring women in leadership positions
21strategies · 29. April 2022
The current issue of the US magazine "Industry Era Women Leaders" is completely dedicated to women leaders 2022. Find us there.

21strategies · 09. April 2022
21strategies has been awarded by the British magazine Acquisition International the AI Global Excellence Award "Most Innovative B2B Deep Tech Solutions Company 2022 in Germany".
21strategies’ CEO Yvonne Hofstetter Named Top-10 Women Leaders of 2021 by Industry Era Magazine
21strategies · 19. January 2022
21strategies is honored to announce that Chief Executive Officer Professor Yvonne Hofstetter has been named as “10 Admired Women Leader 2021” by Industry Era, a US-based leading global technology-related business news media firm.

21strategies · 10. January 2022
Prof. Yvonne Hofstetter, CEO and Co-Founder of the 21strategies on-camera with Globalive's Anthony Lacavera.
US magazine Technology Innovators cover story: 21strategies' Yvonne Hofstetter ranked top AI CEO 2021
21strategies · 22. November 2021
Top 50 CEO – Prof. Yvonne Hofstetter chosen by the online magazine Technology Innovators. The CEO of 21strategies stands for Deep Tech knowledge, knows how to bring tech to market and is an honorary professor in the field of digitalization and society.

21strategies Wins Contract from Hensoldt to Commercialize AI Habitat
21strategies · 02. November 2021
21strategies Wins Contract from Hensoldt to Commercialize AI Habitat
What we are currently working on
21strategies · 27. October 2021
What we are currently working on: There is more going on around AI than just technical innovation.

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