Unreal Engine advances real-world simulations of tactical AI
ad · 29. April 2023
Unreal Engine helps innovating simulation and demonstration of 21strategies' tactical AI for complex real-world environments.
GhostPlay to be publicly unveiled at DWT’s IT-Conference „Smart & Digital Bundeswehr“
ad · 10. October 2022
Together with the GhostPlay consortium, 21strategies publicly unveils digital twin GhostPlay on October 11-12, 2022

Set up your defense AI to success
ad · 22. September 2022
A new NATO lecture series addresses opportunities and challenges of AI algorithms in defense applications.
The top 10 Women CEOs in 2022
ad · 16. June 2022
CEOs who impress and make success stories in a new issue roundup. Read more here.

Leaders who make an impact
ad · 20. May 2022
Leaders whose idea and technology make a difference. Industry Era Women Leaders magazine celebrates the most influential women leaders in its latest issue. You can find us there.