GhostPlay to be publicly unveiled at DWT’s IT-Conference „Smart & Digital Bundeswehr“

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Together with Helmut-Schmidt-University Hamburg, Hensoldt, and BCR Consulting, 21strategies contributes a poster presentation about GhostPlay at the IT-Conference „Smart & Digital Bundeswehr“ of the German Association for Defence Technology / Deutsche Gesellschaft für Wehrtechnik e.V. (DWT). On October 11 - 12, 2022, questions and answers on the topic of artificial intelligence for the Bundeswehr are being discussed.

Artificial intelligence for the Bundeswehr / German Armed Forces

Artificial intelligence developments continue to advance and cover every conceivable area. How does artificial intelligence play out in the Bundeswehr? This question is being discussed by the DWT in a forthcoming event. The conference is addressing the question of what a smart and digital Bundeswehr might be. The focus is on the contribution of artificial intelligence to command and control. There is also a major focus on the key topics of digital operations environment, quantum computing and quantum communication.

Artificial intelligence to counter adversarial drone swarms

Together with their consortium partners, 21strategies participates in the conference with a GhostPlay poster booth. The GhostPlay research tackles issues of artificial intelligence based defense against large unmanned drone swarms. This case is becoming more and more relevant. Reports are piling up in the news that the Russian army is using Iranian drones to attack Ukrainian posts. The main feature of these drones is their small size and low altitude, which makes them difficult to detect. Moreover, they have loitering capability and are currently attacking in pairs. According to news reports, these drones pose a great threat to Ukrainian troops, as they are used to destroy high value assets. The question is how an optimal and fast defense against drone swarms looks like.

GhostPlay – a digital twin for defense simulation against airborne attacks

GhostPlay, being founded in 21strategies’ technological core tactics21, simulates advantageous ground-based air defense tactics with artificial intelligence in a serious game. With a digital twin of a battlefield, different AI-based tactics how to overcome a drone swarm attack of currently up to 105 drones are being trained and demonstrated to operators and governmental purchase agencies. The focus of artificial intelligence based air defense is on better self-protection and higher viability. The pioneering GhostPlay research is funded by dtec.bw.


You may find us at the IT-Conference „Smart & Digital Bundeswehr“ of the German Association for Defence Technology / Deutsche Gesellschaft für Wehrtechnik e.V. in Bonn at presentation booth number 15, where we are going to introduce our use case GhostPlay. We are looking forward to your visit.


For more information on GhostPlay and effective artificial intelligence defense against drones, please visit us at the GhostPlay Demo Day on January 25, 2023 in Berlin. Find more information at https://www.ghostplay.ai.

Author: Tanja Zimmermann