We serve three domains

Third wave AI learns from contextual models. This requires in-depth operational expertise.

We focus on the three domains National Security, Capital Markets, and Value/Supply Chain. We combine our operational and conceptional expertise with the entire toolbox of mathematical theories and information techniques to build tactical AI - from professionals for professionals.


Our domain focus

National security

Where industrials are required to hedge their business risks on their own responsibility, as governments are no longer willing and able to bail-out their national industries, democratic governments, however, need to strengthen their national security architecture and protect their soil through versatile and fast strategic and tactical superiority.


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Capital markets


Economic uncertainty has grown, too. While  volatile market swings can be positive for fund managers, making capital markets a great play ground for tactical decision-making AI, uncertainty is poison for industrials which need reliable financial planning.


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Supply chain


Supply chains were made for operations in times of peace and global trade of nations. This changed, putting strain on supply chains.

Tactical AI can help making more optimal purchasing decisions for raw material, balancing material inflow and outflow with actual inventory levels. Because inventory matters.


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