tactics21 goes

GhostPlay is a high-performance
simulation environment powered by tactics21
to produce AI-based decision-making control strategies
that can plan complex defense decisions.

21strategies application overview

Virtual: Simulation

tactics21 gov


t21 gov discovers and shows new courses of action by exploring complex defense engagements across multiple domains at machine speed.



// Through high fidelity simulation, t21 gov supports procurement decisions for AI enabled defense systems


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tactics21 ind


t21 ind trains AI hedging and financial instrument trading strategies.


Its output is being deployed as hedge21.


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tactics21 train


t21 jet pilot produces AI strategies for airborne adversaries, for example malicious drone swarms. Benefit:


// Pilots can study AI behavior and develop counter tactics in flight simulators


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t21 red team


t21 red team simulates AI-powered adversaries who are not cooperative, as they do not observe rules of engagement. Simulation can be specialized on any domain or demonstrate multi-domain. Benefits:


// Prepare for AI-powered adversaries


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In the field: AI power for physical assets



Smart search strategies for (semi-) autonomous sea mine hunting and underwater ordnance clearance. Benefits:


// Better exploit and optimal use energy underwater


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Expand life cycle of legacy systems with an AI tactics upgrade. Transform human guided systems into (semi-) autonomous robots. Benefits:


// Life cycle extensions of expensive assets
// Transformation towards greater autonomy
// Enhance existing capabilities// Decrease latencies in the field
// Less logistics through more optimal use of effectors


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Faster planning: AI-powered mission planning



hedge21 is an information system for treasuries, fund manager and commodity trading firms. It operates AI control strategies which monitor live markets and give decision support to their users for the timing and sizing of hedge positions.


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command21 is a next-gen control system for governments to allow planning of complex engagements at machine speed.