How strong are the economic dependencies on global powers?
economy · 06. April 2022
Resources from China are essential for some technologies. New risks should be addressed with new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence. How can economic dependencies be diversified with the use of AI? Read how.
Supply chains, bottleneck recessions, rising prices: A 21strategies opportunity
economy · 11. February 2022
Counter supply bottlenecks and rising prices: 21strategies offers AI-powered strategies to optimize decisions under uncertainty.

Immunize international procurement against risk: with cognitive AI
economy · 21. August 2021
German companies are sticking to their global supply chains. Risks can be optimally hedged with 21strategies' hedge21®.
The winds of change: Risk management in complex dynamic environments
economy · 10. August 2021
The management of risk needs to transform to conquer an ever increasing dynamic and complexity.

The Digital Euro – The Next Step Has Begun
economy · 24. July 2021
A digital euro is no longer a vision. In an investigation period, effects on the market and on the banking sector will be examined by the European Central Bank (ECB).
The dream of inflation
economy · 26. May 2021
For our US journalist colleague Andrew Bulkeley, inflation is like a dream, but for commodity-dependent German companies, it seems rather being a nightmare.

Treasurers' interest in AI-based hedging persists
economy · 27. April 2021
Consultants are identifying a growing interest of companies in AI-based hedging of financial market risks.
The million-euro monk of investment
economy · 26. March 2021
While the German catholic church imposes ever more managerial tasks to their priesthood, not every priest or monk is economically as successful as the liberal Benedictine P. Anselm Grün.

The year of the pound
economy · 10. March 2021
Once there was fear over the Brexit, but now it looks as if Great Britain was recovering strongly from the Covid-19 pandemic - with positive impact on the British Pound.
German Steel Manufacturer Continues being Innovation Leader with HEDGE21® “RMP Steel”
economy · 06. March 2021
A German steel manufacturer picks 21strategies' HEDGE21 to compute proce predictions for steel.

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