Tactical AI for defense: simulating the unpredictable.


GhostPlay at a glance

GhostPlay is a simulation environment for the development of AI-based decision-making. It is developed for tactical military decision-making at the highest operational tempo – at machine speed. "Ghost" is the high-performance simulation environment for the simulation of defense scenarios and the training of Third Wave AI. "Play" are the decision tactics developed, generated through the use of context-aware artificial intelligence.


Tactics are simulated and generated by virtual AI-powered military assets interacting with AI-powered opponents and their different performance profiles. The focus is on the simulation of air defense missions: defense against drones, drone swarms or helicopters. The execution of tactics follows the "fight-at-machine speed" approach. As a result, decision superiority in defense can be achieved.


GhostPlay is made by a consortium of Helmut Schmidt University, 21strategies, HENSOLDT Sensors, as well as BCR Consulting – each a leader in their domains. This makes GhostPlay leading, unique and made in Germany.

GhostPlay AI: Key facts



٠ Learn tactical AI
٠ Learn different AI paradigms
٠ For simulated ground and air Ops
٠ Demonstrate tactical AI in simulator
٠ Beat pre-defined benchmarks
٠ Integrate "ELS" requirements




VR Forces


"We compete with the big ones
in the industry. Our advantage
is our agility and the ability
to quickly show results."

PROF. GARY SCHAAL, Head of the Chair of Political Science at the Helmut Schmidt University

Executing agency of GhostPlay

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©Alesch Mühlbauer
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Tactical capabilities  

GhostPlay unlocks the true potential of AI and develops agile and intelligent tactics for complex engagements.

Needs fewer data 

In contrast to consumer businesses and other industries, defense lacks mass data of crises and conflicts. Data are simply not available.
GhostPlay solve the issue through scenarios and synthetic data or enhanced real data.

Greater autonomy

tactics21 lays the ground for full technical autonomy. Its AI can learn with minimal supervision and automates cognitive human tasks.
It makes GhostPlay the first of its kind that envisions the tremendous possibilities of third wave AI.

GhostPlay key features - unique, leading, Made in Germany
Simulation of tactical artificial intelligence for defense.
Third Wave artificial intelligence allows context-sensitive decision-making and execution.
Makes decisions under uncertainty: multi-step lookahead with incomplete information and under time pressure.
Provides tactical superiority in defense.
Makes decisions under uncertainty: multi-step lookahead with incomplete information and under time pressure.
Technology Made in Germany.
Clear alignment ethical, legal, and societal requirements due to value-based engineering with IEEE 7000TM-2021.
Consortium consisting of long-standing experts in their domain.
Integration of realistic sensor data from HENSOLDT Sensors with the AI training environment.
Scientific evaluation by Helmut Schmidt University/Uni Bw Hamburg.

"With this kind of AI, we are talking about a new era in defense."


GhostPlay Technology Lead

Meet GhostPlay

GhostPlay Demo Day 2023 - an entire day full of information

On January 25, 2023 the GhostPlay consortium is hosting Demo Day 2023 in Berlin. In an exclusive event, we will be presenting GhostPlay and its importance and implications for the Bundeswehr and the defense of the future. Please contact us and obtain a personal invitation for the event (limited seats, personal invitation required).

GhostPlay at the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Wehrtechnik

You'll find GhostPlay at the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Wehrtechnik / German Society for Defense Technology. On October 11-12, 2022 you'll have the opportunity to meet GhostPlay representatives at the DWT conference in Bonn.