Third Wave AI: Changing Industries, Changing the World
technology · 14. April 2023
Move over, basic AI. Third Wave AI is here, and it's all about creating machines that can think and learn more like humans.
Another Pandora out of the box
technology · 28. February 2023
ChatGPT is a powerful AI tool, but it also raises serious legal concerns.

AI innovation power has a major core in southern Germany
technology · 09. December 2022
Innovation dynamics for artificial intelligence in Germany. Here you can get an overview.
Material shortages – How can it be addressed with artificial intelligence?
technology · 26. August 2022
The majority of companies in Germany expect the current material shortages to continue. What opportunities does artificial intelligence offer to counter material bottlenecks?

How to make sustainable AI a reality?
technology · 21. July 2022
Sustainable AI – is this not a contradiction? Here you can read how artificial intelligence can be used to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals.
How AI learns law and ethics: Value-based Engineering with IEEE 7000™-2021
technology · 14. July 2022
Compliance requirements for AI are growing. The new industry standard IEEE 7000™-2021 lays the foundation for AI that satisfies legal and other societal codes.

Artificial intelligence in the media: a differentiated view is necessary
technology · 16. June 2022
Media coverage has a major impact on the perception and ultimately the acceptance of artificial intelligence. Is it really as balanced as you might expect? Read more here.
Acceptance of artificial intelligence and algorithmic decision making: Greater than expected!
technology · 13. June 2022
Acceptance of artificial intelligence is a basic prerequisite for its use. Is it really as bad as often published? Find out more here.

Supply chain forecasting and AI in supply chain planning
technology · 01. April 2022
Using AI-based benefits in supply chain planning: What does it take? Modern IT systems. Read here to find out which opportunities you would otherwise miss.
The state of AI in financial services
technology · 19. March 2022
AI and its growth potential in financial services: Its importance is evident – a fact which translates to even more AI investments.

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