Third wave AI for decision superiority

Train and evaluate tactical AI
on a trusted simulation platform.

Third wave AI learns superior tactics to plan complex engagements.

tactics21 is a trusted high fidelity environment to train and evaluate machine-generated strategies and tactical behavior that can compete with humans in planning complex engagements.


tactics21 uses third wave AI to generate novel strategies and tactics that exceed the capacity and ingenuity of humans and work at machine speed. Based on contextual models, tactics21 trains AI to self-generate versatile tactical behavior. Complex dynamic engagements can be understood using tactics21 as a trustworthy AI training and evaluation platform with realistic sensor and effector models.

Realistic AI behavior

can only be based on the ability

to learn versatile tactical behavior.
tactics21 is the trusted training platform
to learn and evaluate AI conduct."



tactics21 for governments


For governments, t21 gov is an enabling technology to train AI-powered planning and execution systems with performance as good or better as humans and at machine speed.


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tactics21 for industrials


For industrials, t21 ind generates AI hedging strategies whose performance and behavior can be evaluated offline with t21 ind before going live for treasury and trading departments as hedge control strategies.


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