Real work in a dream scenery: Artificial intelligence meets George C. Marshall Center
national security · 30. April 2022
On Wednesday, 27. April 2022, 21strategies presented Third Wave AI at the US DoD’s George C. Marshall Center located at the foot of the Bavarian Alps.
Inspiring women in leadership positions
21strategies · 29. April 2022
The current issue of the US magazine "Industry Era Women Leaders" is completely dedicated to women leaders 2022. Find us there.

21strategies · 09. April 2022
21strategies has been awarded by the British magazine Acquisition International the AI Global Excellence Award "Most Innovative B2B Deep Tech Solutions Company 2022 in Germany".
How strong are the economic dependencies on global powers?
economy · 06. April 2022
Resources from China are essential for some technologies. New risks should be addressed with new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence. How can economic dependencies be diversified with the use of AI? Read how.

Supply chain forecasting and AI in supply chain planning
technology · 01. April 2022
Using AI-based benefits in supply chain planning: What does it take? Modern IT systems. Read here to find out which opportunities you would otherwise miss.
25 years Association of German Treasurers (VDT): Workshops with 21strategies' participation
events · 22. March 2022
Professor Yvonne Hofstetter will be taking part in four workshops which mark the 25th anniversary of the Association of German Treasurers (VDT). One topic on the agenda will be technological possibilities in currency management.

The state of AI in financial services
technology · 19. March 2022
AI and its growth potential in financial services: Its importance is evident – a fact which translates to even more AI investments.
“Cyber Challenges and Impact on Global Security”: Experts meet in Berlin
national security · 06. March 2022
Since COVID broke out and Ukraine was invaded, the number of cyberattacks has multiplied. Experts met in Berlin to discuss actual cyber challenges.

„Es herrscht derzeit keine Sicherheitswarnung“: Zur aktuellen Situation am Atomkraftwerk in Saporischschja (Ukraine)
national security · 06. March 2022
Über den Beschuss des ukrainischen Atomkraftwerks Saporischschja und die Folgen für die Sicherheit äußert sich in einem Gastbeitrag Maria Wagner, freie Mitarbeiterin bei der IAEA.
Future banks: The importance of deep tech for finance
finance · 23. February 2022
What does the bank of the future look like? The role of deep tech startups and FinTechs enable a symbiosis in important areas.

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