AI for zero domain tactical

Complex planning at machine speed.

Train and evaluate new tactics and doctrines beyond the known strategic psychology of humans.

Cyber has added capabilities to major and minor powers, which reach from opacity to deniability to computer-aided planning and operations. We provide an analytic engine to train and evaluate AI-powered control strategies which perform a similarly good or better defense planning than humans do within a trusted simulation environment.


Human comprehension  

AI can both generate and identify patterns of conduct that were not consciously planned or noticed, and new courses of action and then recommend the best method to counteract these.

Exploration time  

A training environment for AI can generate and evaluate multiple large-scale scenarios for national security, train strategies and evaluate them in faster-than-realtime.

How swarm21 establishes the zero domain

Security challenges   tactics21
AI capabilities add extraordinary new levels of complexity to security. tactics21 is an in-process simulator which relies on high-fidelity sensors and effector models combined with machine learning to understand a complex dynamic environment.
AI creates strategies beyond human intention and without acknowledging existing doctrines. tactics21 trains machine-generated (counter AI) strategies and tactics which can encounter unknown patterns of conduct.
Conventional capabilities are being AI-augmented which makes security relationships more difficult to predict. tactics21 simulates unknown or yet unobserved patterns of conduct.

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Get optimal multi-step lookahead
plans under uncertainty.

With local tactical simulations producing realistic results, higher echelon systems can be trained to stage optimal combined operations over an extended period of time and automatically create feasible tasking and delegation on all echelon levels.

Create your total emergence future.

Turn complexity into your advantage. Use our framework to simulate and evaluate how AI-powered entities of different classes, sizes, and types continuously harmonize so that a joint plan emerges.

Hedge against surprise.

Multi-step lookahead preempts security threats. swarm21 acts cautiously and hedges against surprises of attacks or ill intentions until more information is available and plans can be solidified.