hedge21 -

          a 21strategies brand

Our branding and identity.

Welcome to our brand design, a series of associated assets.

Using our brand design properly is very important to us. Our identity presents us
– to our clients, our team, our shareholders and candidates who join our firm.


This site contains everything you need to know about

how our brand design should be used in print and digital materials.

Our font style

For professional applications, such as in print media and on the internet, 21strategies’ typography
consists of the Barlow font family in the font versions light, semibold and bold: fonts.google.com/specimen/Barlow


subheadline // introduction


Two brands. One company.

Two versions of our identidy have been created -

one that represents our company 21strategies,

another to present our flagship product. 

Our logos

Treat our logos well. They should not be altered.

Primary. Secondary. Colours.

Our primary colour palette underlines our visual brand and reflect our personality.
They are used to highlight information such as headlines or as background colour for important information.

Primary colours work best in small doses together with the secondary colours.


Secondary colours bring variety to the primary colours and can be used for both brands, 21strategies as well as hedge21.

Use dark grey instead of full black as the main text colour on a white and light grey background.
Otherwise, these colours should be used with consideration.

Our primary colors

When creating layouts for hedge21, use hedge21 »deep blue« instead of 21strategies' »gold« to highlight information.


Our photography style is clean, high-tech and authentic,
with a bluish touch.

It reflects the industry and our visionary ideas.

Fusing it all

When all components are being fused as one visual identity,
you should be able to recognize us.


Thilo Kirchner: MarCom design and creative partner

Tristan Boyd, markegy.at: Digital creative partner