Make smarter investment decisions

hedge21 is premium navigation in currency
and commodity markets.

Third wave AI decision-support to hedge risks

hedge21 brings systematic decision-support to corporate treasuries and investment firms. We acknowledge that third wave AI can make planning decisions as good or better than humans can.


Using systematically obtained market information and company-internal hedging processes and constraints, hedge21 understands the hedging context and overcomes the friable nature of today's mainstream AI algorithms.


A dynamic business environment, volatile financial markets, numerous influencing parameters – third wave AI helps companies make optimal hedging decisions in complex environments. Linked with real-time streaming data, hedge21 computes a situation assessment. The situational picture is being fused with customer-specific information and constraints to compute the optimal values for the amount and timing of the hedge. Market opportunities are used in an individually optimized way while at the same time complying with internal company conditions. The effect: Better - notably: more profitable - hedging outcomes.

"Imagine there was a software system
which could handle the complexity and uncertainty of markets
coming up with optimal actions plans
such that hedge effectiveness can be established."



hedge21 for corporate treasurers


For industrials, hedge21 corporate proposes optimal hedge decisions for foreign currency exposure to protect the EBIT.


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hedge21 for investment managers


For financial services firms, 21alpha helps to navigate the markets and to achieve decision superiority for better investment outcomes.


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hedge21 for commodity firms


For commodity traders, hedge21 commodities monitors cash-settled instruments for raw materials and computes hedges to counter spread risk.


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