hedge21 corporate 


hedge21 corporate is an AI-powered decision support system for corporate treasurers
that computes optimal hedging decisions to manage foreign currency exposure.

For CFOs and their treasurers, the second machine age has begun.

Currency exposure management and hedging today is largely supported by software systems aggregating exposure on the one hand - the treasury management systems - and the provisioning of competitive market rates by trading venues on the other hand.


But there is a missing link. The process step which links exposure aggregation to the execution of a hedge contract on a trading venue remains a discretionary activity. The treasurer's decision how much foreign exchange exposure to hedge and at which rate till date lacked computational support.


CFOs of Large Cap companies know: Hedging is not as simplistic as entering into a hedge contract which mirrors an exposure 1-to-1. A 100% hedge may develop against a corporate over time and significantly hurt a company's bottom line. Optimizing hedge contracts is a cognitive human task which, in order to be automated, requires modern algorithms and scientific computing - such as hedge21, the cognitive machine and virtual assistant that is able to make optimal hedging decisions.

hedge21 benefits

Relevant hedging information

You submit your exposure, and hedge21 does the math for you. You can rely it gives you optimal decision support. It informs you about the optimal timing and sizing of a hedge decision. After a decision was made, it monitors how your hedge position develops and alerts you if your position requires amendment.

IoT capable

A hedge21 digital assistant can grab data from your supply chain
to optimize corporate decision-making. It understands your firm's operational characteristics.

Full Human control

Artificial Intelligence which shall do the work for you? Don't worry.
It's you alone who makes the final decision whether or not
to hedge your currency exposure.

Affordable pricing

We offer you a pay-per-use model. It is simple, transparent and affordable. You submit your exposures to your digital assistant, we charge a fee for software-as-a-service.

How it works


Central to hedge21 is the Cash Flow concept. Define all details of your Cash Flow: from exposure to maturity date.


Cash Flow details are being captured by your hedge21 digital assistant, which computes the optimal hedge.


Your hedge21 digital assistant tells you what the optimal hedging strategy is. You decide whether to execute it or not.


Once you executed what hedge21 has computed, it monitors your hedge and adapts it when changes occur.