Hedging against currency swings separates winners from losers this year, says The Wall Street Journal
finance · 09. November 2022
A lack of currency hedging can outweigh positive investment fund performance.
Future banks: The importance of deep tech for finance
finance · 23. February 2022
What does the bank of the future look like? The role of deep tech startups and FinTechs enable a symbiosis in important areas.

21strategies' funded research: "On the current state of the hedge fund industry"
finance · 13. July 2021
21strategies combines the use of disruptive AIML technology with scientific research: On 13th July 2021, Mykhailo Dusheyko, 21strategies' former team member, passed his bachelor exam and received the "grade 1 - excellent".
Predictive Analytics & Capital Markets: An Assessment
finance · 19. May 2021
The Global Investor magazine interviews Dr. Christian Brandlhuber: The prerequisites for the success of predictive analytics in the capital markets.