AI-powered hedging

Leverage AI to optimally hedge capital market risks.

We bring decision superiority to treasury departments and fund managers who want to make better hedging decisions.

hedge21, our proprietary context sensitive AI, provides quantitative and systematic decisioning to smoothen the EBIT of hedge funds, treasury departments of corporates, and financial institutions.


hedge21 uses third wave AI for optimal decision support to navigate capital markets. Third wave AI in capital markets improves decision-making by combining algorithmic market prognosis with decision theory. AI-powered strategies to trade financial instruments in currencies or commodities are determined optimal. Decision-making not only includes the external market view, but also company-internal constraints of hedging or trading processes.


Mathematically optimal 

Hedge processes can be highly complex. They are often based on extensive professional experience. But are they also


Better financial resilience 

With substiantial crises in the 21st century, companies have

to be adaptive and agile. hedge21 helps treasurers to act faster and more adaptively.

How hedge21 helps financial departments

Hedging challenges   hedge21 // hedge21 alpha
No systematic market forecasting and measurement of prognosis quality. Data fusion techniques allow to systematically fuse data into a situational picture of markets in real-time. The quality of the situational picture is assessed in real-time.
Beyond execution algorithms, a treasurer's decision when and how much to hedge is not automated. hedge21 plans and amends decisions how to optimally exploit the hedging process until maturity date.
Hedging decisions are often based on company-internal parameters. Often, they are agnostic of the market. hedge21 takes into account both external market developments and internal hedge constraints to make a better hedging decision.
Treasury departments are often understaffed and cannot track markets and positions. hedge21 tracks market developments in real-time and monitors how a hedge position performs.

Optimize your hedging decision.

21strategies hedge21 is leading with context-aware hedging decisions. hedge 21 transforms how treasurers and fund managers
make decisions under uncertainty: informed, faster,
more effectively and systematically.

Shape the future of your treasury.

hedge21 pioneers the 3rd wave of AI for treasurers and financial institutions.

Its capabilities is changing how treasury departments will work in the future.
For our clients, hedge21 opens up new business models and changes
how treasuries work – digitally, enhanced by data, automatically
and performance-oriented.

Hedge risk and become more resilient.

hedge21  is designed to account for the geo-economic risks of our decade.
hedge21 counters violent swings of currency exchange rates
with integrated statistical forecasting and optimizing AI-powered hedge planning -
intelligently, comprehensively, autonomously and transparently.