Set up your defense AI to success

© Helge Bauer

Rome, Bonn, Budapest: These will be the first stops for the lecturers of new NATO Lecture Series SET-290. As target audience, you may want to learn how AI for defense is evolving; this is why we go live from Sep 26/27 (Rome), Sep 29/30 (Bonn) and Oct 3/4 (Budapest).


The lecture series SET-290 brings a lot of helpful education about Artificial Intelligence for Military Multiple Sensor Fusion Engines. Discussing how methodologies and AI algorithms solve various problems in military situational awareness and algorithmic real-time decision making in complex engagements, main topics will be “AI for data fusion” (Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Koch, FKIE/DEU), “Multi-Target Surveillance” (Dr. Stefano Coraluppi, Systems and Technology Research/USA), “Distributed Detection and Decision Fusion” (Prof. Dr. Peter Willet, UConn/USA), “Hard Combinatorial Problems in Multi-Target Tracking” (Prof. Dr. Roy Streit, Metron/USA), and “Superiority on The Battlefield With Tactical AI And Emergence: The Next Generation” (Dr. Christian Brandlhuber, 21strategies/DEU). The 2-day program will close with a bonus talk: “Value-based Engineering with IEEE 7000TM-2021” (Prof. Yvonne Hofstetter, H-BRS/DEU).


The targeted audience of the lecture series are systems engineers, project managers, sponsors, military end-users that have to define system requirements. Its main objective is to disseminate the existing knowledge on sophisticated AI algorithms, the very driving forces of advanced Multiple Sensor Fusion Engines.


And what would you like to learn next? Tell us your needs and proposals at: research@21strategies.com.

Read the event announcement here.

Author: Yvonne Hofstetter