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Future banks: The importance of deep tech for finance
finance · 23. February 2022
What does the bank of the future look like? The role of deep tech startups and FinTechs enable a symbiosis in important areas.
Supply chains, bottleneck recessions, rising prices: A 21strategies opportunity
economy · 11. February 2022
Counter supply bottlenecks and rising prices: 21strategies offers AI-powered strategies to optimize decisions under uncertainty.

Predictive Analytics & Capital Markets: An Assessment
finance · 19. May 2021
The Global Investor magazine interviews Dr. Christian Brandlhuber: The prerequisites for the success of predictive analytics in the capital markets.
Treasurers' interest in AI-based hedging persists
economy · 27. April 2021
Consultants are identifying a growing interest of companies in AI-based hedging of financial market risks.

Planung und Prognose des Hedgings von Wechselkursrisiken
feuilleton · 16. April 2021
Auch Finanzfunktionen können moderne Prognoseverfahren für sich nutzen. Über die Mathematik der Entscheidung beim Absichern von Währungsgeschäften machen sich drei Experten ihre Gedanken.