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Third Wave AI: Changing Industries, Changing the World
technology · 14. April 2023
Move over, basic AI. Third Wave AI is here, and it's all about creating machines that can think and learn more like humans.
Hedging against currency swings separates winners from losers this year, says The Wall Street Journal
finance · 09. November 2022
A lack of currency hedging can outweigh positive investment fund performance.

AI-based hedge funds: a key to success?
economy · 30. May 2022
AI as a success factor? A recent study shows that AI and machine learning based hedge funds outperform hedge funds that rely primarily on human engagement. Read here what the reasons are.
21strategies' funded research: "On the current state of the hedge fund industry"
finance · 13. July 2021
21strategies combines the use of disruptive AIML technology with scientific research: On 13th July 2021, Mykhailo Dusheyko, 21strategies' former team member, passed his bachelor exam and received the "grade 1 - excellent".