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Unlocking the Power of Value-Based Engineering: How IEEE 7000TM-2021 Can Lead to Ethical AI
society · 16. March 2023
As AI continues to permeate every aspect of our lives, understanding and securing legal and ethical requirements has never been more important.
Another Pandora out of the box
technology · 28. February 2023
ChatGPT is a powerful AI tool, but it also raises serious legal concerns.

How AI learns law and ethics: Value-based Engineering with IEEE 7000™-2021
technology · 14. July 2022
Compliance requirements for AI are growing. The new industry standard IEEE 7000™-2021 lays the foundation for AI that satisfies legal and other societal codes.
IEEE 7000TM Compliance: 21strategies wählt erstes KI-Vorhaben für wertebasiertes Engineering aus
technology · 20. February 2022
21strategies geht nach einem dreitägigen IEEE 7000TM Value Lead Training mit der konkreten Aufgabe, eine KI dem Standard gemäß dem Standard zu implementieren, zurück an die Entwicklungsarbeit.

IEEE 7000TM Compliance: 21strategies picks proprietary AI-based system for value-based engineering
technology · 20. February 2022
21strategies goes back to work after a three-day IEEE 7000TM Value Lead Training with the specific task of implementing AI according to the new value based engineering standard.
Value-based Engineering: IEEE 7000TM Pioniere treffen sich in Wien
events · 16. February 2022
Vom 16.-18. Februar 2022 treffen sich die Pioniere des neuen Standards IEEE-7000TM in Wien, um sich zu Value Leads weiterzubilden.