Data analytics and artificial intelligence illuminate how much impact the hedging of FX exposure has on an international firm’s bottom line – and how much optimization potential hedging provides. There is opportunity for our clients to improve their financials – and there is opportunity for you!


HEDGE21 Business
Client Engagement Director

 (Full-time, part-time, consultancy)




Corporate clients listed at the DAX and the MDAX form 21strategies’ Treasury Chapter, a group of innovative peers using 21strategies’ HEDGE21 flagship product to foster the hedging of foreign exchange or commodity price risks through modern mathematics. From time to time, the Treasury Chapter community meets (online) to participate in 21strategies’ science communication events to learn about artificial intelligence topics and share insights with each other from using advanced models for hedging purposes.

Also portfolio managers and trading firms benefit from HEDGE21 and our Treasury Chapter events through access to best in breed technology and a team of dedicated scientists educating on AI related topics.




The HEDGE21 Business/Client Engagement Director will attract, develop, and encourage international corporations and institutional investors with currency and commodity price exposure joining 21strategies’ Treasury Chapter and benefitting from HEDGE21. He/she will:

  • Develop and maintain a Treasury Chapter community in his region, attracting corporates and institutionals to deal with AI-based models for hedging price risks
  • Engage corporates from different industry segments (e.g. Pharma, Luxury, Financial Services, etc.) and promote HEDGE21 for their firm’s success
  • Participate in Treasury Chapter online or physical events, educating the Treasury Chapter community with foreign currency topics
  • Understand and communicate corporate clients’ and institutional investors’ needs and requirements to our R&D and client success group for the continuous improvement of HEDGE21
  • Serve as a trusted contact to our clients, driving to answer HEDGE21 related operational questions from our clients
  • Work closely with HEDGE21 product managers, developers, and financial modelers to further the value proposition of the HEDGE21 offering


  • Senior experience with sell-side foreign exchange markets, trading venues, FX inventory management, compliance, investment management, portfolio management
  • An understanding of equity, fixed income, alternatives, and derivative markets and analytics
  • Familiarity with corporate FX business, including hedging processes
  • Strong interest in technology and models, with the urge to learn new systems
  • A friendly and highly professional attitude when being involved in client relations
  • Pride in 21strategies’ technologies and capabilities, of which you will both be part of as well as contribute to
  • 10 years of experience in Financial Services or Buy Side firm
  • Willingness to self-contained work from remotely, yet very reliably and responsibly
  • Native German skills as well as business level English language skills


  • The feel of a dynamic and international start-up with highly advanced math solutions to optimize the hedging of currency risk and the optimal sourcing of commodities
  • A very team-oriented culture
  • Demanding premium clients relying on our capabilities to solve their complex optimization challenges and control problems, wrapping them into large computer systems
  • Remote working with regular update and mentoring calls
  • Remuneration: best offer/o.n.o.

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We are proud of being a publisher of decision support information derived from proprietary models and software systems. Our mission is to protect a firm’s bottom line from foreign currency risk. Our HEDGE21 deep tech Information-as-a-Service fuses corporate data with Al-generated market insights, gives decision support and does online risk monitoring of a firm’s hedging business.


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