21executive academy: the continuous dialogue with our customers

Tanja Zimmermann

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Coming up soon! On June 10, 2021, our Treasury Chapter will be held again. The regular events of our academy provide the setting for a valuable dialog with our clients. In expert talks, we provide information on current developments in hedging financial market risks, appreciate feedback from our customers and demonstrate optimal application options for our algorithmic decision support system hedge21. Of course, we also take the current Covid-19 situation into account and host the entire event online.


As a high-level dialogue and networking format, 21executive academy offers an opportunity for sharing applied and technical topics on artificial intelligence and hedging financial market risks such as currency, interest rate and commodity price risks at the highest level exclusively for our customers and in cooperation with our partners.

Discussing the Diversity of client requirements

The needs of our clients are highly diverse. A leading German automotive group with a global business has to deal with different constraints than an international chemical group or a metals trader. It is very important for us to take up the direct feedback of the challenges of our corporate clients. Through intensive dialog with clients, we ensure the best possible fit between our algorithmic decision support system hedge21 and the actual business requirements at any given point.


What are our clients' concerns? They want to discuss with us the optimal application possibilities of our algorithmic decision support system hedge21 in their daily business. They want to discuss their experiences with hedge21, communicate feedback and find out about further areas of application. How can risk be reduced? How can the optimal purchase time in commodity trading be determined depending on the order situation? How can predictive analytics be integrated into a corporate strategy?


21executive academy offers a format for such exchange in the form of speeches from experts in the field of treasury, from management consultants and from our own management.

21executive academy: We connect you with experts

Whether it's a speech by experts, a panel discussion or a face-to-face meeting with our management, we bring you together. In our regular 21executive academy events, this time we address the topic of benchmarking in hedging and its importance for algorithmic decision support systems. We show you the importance of strategic implementation of algorithmic decision support systems and how you can use our AI technology to achieve your objectives.


At the 21executive academy, we discuss topics around the use of hedge21, how algorithmic decision support systems can be integrated into an AI governance, support you with processes, and how to make the best use of daily hedge advice.


We look forward to sharing our latest advances with our customers and discussing how they can make our technology work even more effectively for them.


To register with the event, go here.