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Commodity dependencies and supply chain resilience: assistance with artificial intelligence
economy · 06. July 2022
Commodity supply and the need for action in critical commodities shows a study by the ifo Institute. Read here what opportunities artificial intelligence offers.
How strong are the economic dependencies on global powers?
economy · 06. April 2022
Resources from China are essential for some technologies. New risks should be addressed with new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence. How can economic dependencies be diversified with the use of AI? Read how.

Future banks: The importance of deep tech for finance
finance · 23. February 2022
What does the bank of the future look like? The role of deep tech startups and FinTechs enable a symbiosis in important areas.
Supply chains, bottleneck recessions, rising prices: A 21strategies opportunity
economy · 11. February 2022
Counter supply bottlenecks and rising prices: 21strategies offers AI-powered strategies to optimize decisions under uncertainty.

The dream of inflation
economy · 26. May 2021
For our US journalist colleague Andrew Bulkeley, inflation is like a dream, but for commodity-dependent German companies, it seems rather being a nightmare.
Treasurers' interest in AI-based hedging persists
economy · 27. April 2021
Consultants are identifying a growing interest of companies in AI-based hedging of financial market risks.

German Steel Manufacturer Continues being Innovation Leader with HEDGE21® “RMP Steel”
economy · 06. March 2021
A German steel manufacturer picks 21strategies' HEDGE21 to compute proce predictions for steel.