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Artificial intelligence – a success factor for geopolitical power?
politics · 02. September 2022
Artificial intelligence an enabler of tomorrow's geopolitical importance? Read more here.
World trade is realigning: Stability and new technologies are becoming crucial
economy · 02. August 2022
Are we already starting the third wave of globalization? Gabriel Felbermayr sees it that way. Read more here.

How AI learns law and ethics: Value-based Engineering with IEEE 7000™-2021
technology · 14. July 2022
Compliance requirements for AI are growing. The new industry standard IEEE 7000™-2021 lays the foundation for AI that satisfies legal and other societal codes.
Turn of times: The war on Ukraine affects Germany’s defense policy
national security · 24. May 2022
100 billion euros for the Bundeswehr, the German armed forces. Read here what the ifo Institut thinks about such investment.

"Economic security is national security": Eine geoökonomische Analyse in 12 Essays
national security · 08. February 2022
Dass sich Geschichte in Räumen abspielt und nicht nur in der zeitlichen Dimension, zeigen die Autoren der Essay-Sammlung Storms Ahead auf.
The Digital Euro – The Next Step Has Begun
economy · 24. July 2021
A digital euro is no longer a vision. In an investigation period, effects on the market and on the banking sector will be examined by the European Central Bank (ECB).

Yvonne Hofstetter (2021). The fusion of Human Data: A European Essay, published by the IEEE
feuilleton · 16. July 2021
The latest essay by Prof. Yvonne Hofstetter has been published by the IEEE. She explores how the fusion of human data impacts the individual and his sovereignty and democratic societies as a whole.
Prof. Yvonne Hofstetter to participate in a dialogue on the security of a hyper-connected world
events · 15. July 2021
On July 22, 2021, Prof. Yvonne Hofstetter, CEO, will answer questions from moderator Meinhard Schmidt-Degenhard and the audience on the subject of "Brave new world: How artificial intelligence is changing our lives". The live event is hosted by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom.

21strategies eligible for R&D tax incentive
21strategies · 14. July 2021
The German government grants 21strategies a R&D tax incentive for 2020 for proprietary research in its AI technology.