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A Glimpse into the Future: Insights from the Commerzbank Business Forum Markets 2024
economy · 28. March 2024
Commerzbank’s Business Forum Markets 2024 emerges as a significant event, enriching the discourse on economic forecasting and financial strategy with a forward-looking emphasis on the integration of geopolitical analysis.
Generative AI: A Paradigm Shift in Labor and Economic Growth
economy · 16. June 2023
A new report published by McKinsey company on 14. June 2023 explores the transformative impact of generative AI on labor and economic growth, revealing key findings on job redesign and productivity gains.

Hedging against currency swings separates winners from losers this year, says The Wall Street Journal
finance · 09. November 2022
A lack of currency hedging can outweigh positive investment fund performance.
What is the state of AI in Germany? The AI Monitor gives a concrete overview
12. October 2022
21strategies provides a summary of the AI Index results conducted by IW Cologne.

Global supply chains under pressure – the NY Federal Reserve's new index
economy · 19. September 2022
The pressure on global supply chains remains historically high. 21strategies offers a technology for optimizing supply chain strategies with artificial intelligence.
Achieving greater resilience in supply chain control with artificial intelligence
economy · 09. September 2022
What are the benefits of artificial intelligence in supply chain planning? Find out more here.

Material shortages – How can it be addressed with artificial intelligence?
technology · 26. August 2022
The majority of companies in Germany expect the current material shortages to continue. What opportunities does artificial intelligence offer to counter material bottlenecks?
Optimizing supply chains: Hedging risks with artificial intelligence
economy · 13. August 2022
Globalization increases the pressure on international supply chains. Increased digitization with artificial intelligence can bring more benefits than expected.

World trade is realigning: Stability and new technologies are becoming crucial
economy · 02. August 2022
Are we already starting the third wave of globalization? Gabriel Felbermayr sees it that way. Read more here.
Commodity dependencies and supply chain resilience: assistance with artificial intelligence
economy · 06. July 2022
Commodity supply and the need for action in critical commodities shows a study by the ifo Institute. Read here what opportunities artificial intelligence offers.

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