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Hedging against currency swings separates winners from losers this year, says The Wall Street Journal
finance · 09. November 2022
A lack of currency hedging can outweigh positive investment fund performance.
What is the state of AI in Germany? The AI Monitor gives a concrete overview
technology · 28. October 2022
21strategies provides a summary of the AI Index results conducted by IW Cologne.

Global supply chains under pressure – the NY Federal Reserve's new index
economy · 19. September 2022
The pressure on global supply chains remains historically high. 21strategies offers a technology for optimizing supply chain strategies with artificial intelligence.
Achieving greater resilience in supply chain control with artificial intelligence
economy · 09. September 2022
What are the benefits of artificial intelligence in supply chain planning? Find out more here.

Material shortages – How can it be addressed with artificial intelligence?
technology · 26. August 2022
The majority of companies in Germany expect the current material shortages to continue. What opportunities does artificial intelligence offer to counter material bottlenecks?
Optimizing supply chains: Hedging risks with artificial intelligence
economy · 13. August 2022
Globalization increases the pressure on international supply chains. Increased digitization with artificial intelligence can bring more benefits than expected.

World trade is realigning: Stability and new technologies are becoming crucial
economy · 02. August 2022
Are we already starting the third wave of globalization? Gabriel Felbermayr sees it that way. Read more here.
Commodity dependencies and supply chain resilience: assistance with artificial intelligence
economy · 06. July 2022
Commodity supply and the need for action in critical commodities shows a study by the ifo Institute. Read here what opportunities artificial intelligence offers.

Turn of times: The war on Ukraine affects Germany’s defense policy
national security · 24. May 2022
100 billion euros for the Bundeswehr, the German armed forces. Read here what the ifo Institut thinks about such investment.
Supply chains, bottleneck recessions, rising prices: A 21strategies opportunity
economy · 11. February 2022
Counter supply bottlenecks and rising prices: 21strategies offers AI-powered strategies to optimize decisions under uncertainty.

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