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Turn of times: The war on Ukraine affects Germany’s defense policy
national security · 24. May 2022
100 billion euros for the Bundeswehr, the German armed forces. Read here what the ifo Institut thinks about such investment.
Supply chains, bottleneck recessions, rising prices: A 21strategies opportunity
economy · 11. February 2022
Counter supply bottlenecks and rising prices: 21strategies offers AI-powered strategies to optimize decisions under uncertainty.

The dream of inflation
economy · 26. May 2021
For our US journalist colleague Andrew Bulkeley, inflation is like a dream, but for commodity-dependent German companies, it seems rather being a nightmare.
Singapore set for record growth in 2021 after weathering Covid-19 storm
economy · 22. January 2021
Despite Covid-19 hitting globally, Singapore is on track of record economic growth in 2021