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Commodity dependencies and supply chain resilience: assistance with artificial intelligence
economy · 06. July 2022
Commodity supply and the need for action in critical commodities shows a study by the ifo Institute. Read here what opportunities artificial intelligence offers.
Resilient supply chains: What are the success factors?
economy · 02. June 2022
What are the success factors for resilient supply chains? How can Third Wave AI hedge risks? Read about ways to hedge with artificial intelligence here.

How strong are the economic dependencies on global powers?
economy · 06. April 2022
Resources from China are essential for some technologies. New risks should be addressed with new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence. How can economic dependencies be diversified with the use of AI? Read how.
Supply chain forecasting and AI in supply chain planning
technology · 01. April 2022
Using AI-based benefits in supply chain planning: What does it take? Modern IT systems. Read here to find out which opportunities you would otherwise miss.