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CEO Yvonne Hofstetter to deliver keynote at Bayern Innovativ, Show 1
events · 28. June 2021
On 29 June 2021, 06:00pm, Prof. Hofstetter will speak about the beneficial use of AI systems in companies. Join the interactive live event and discuss online.
Finanzsymposium 2021: "Math for decisions"
events · 19. April 2021
"Math for decisions": 21strategies' CEO Yvonne Hofstetter in a video talk with the moderator of the 2021 Finanzsymposium Markus Brock

California CEO roundtable with 21strategies participation
events · 16. April 2021
"Turning Change Into Advantage: Creating Growth and Leveraging Opportunities in 2021 and Beyond." - The Advantary Founder Network hosts a new CEO roundtable in Silicon Valley.