a. bulkeley

The dream of inflation
a. bulkeley · 26. May 2021
For our US journalist colleague Andrew Bulkeley, inflation is like a dream, but for commodity-dependent German companies, it seems rather being a nightmare.

The million-euro monk of investment
a. bulkeley · 26. March 2021
While the German catholic church imposes ever more managerial tasks to their priesthood, not every priest or monk is economically as successful as the liberal Benedictine P. Anselm Grün.

The year of the pound
a. bulkeley · 10. March 2021
Once there was fear over the Brexit, but now it looks as if Great Britain was recovering strongly from the Covid-19 pandemic - with positive impact on the British Pound.

German lesson: Why the Gamestop trade was bad for retail investing
a. bulkeley · 22. February 2021
In Germany, only 13% of direct investors in stocks are retail investors. The Gamestop debacle could once again deter retail investors from equity investments.

Singapore set for record growth in 2021 after weathering Covid-19 storm
a. bulkeley · 22. January 2021
Despite Covid-19 hitting globally, Singapore is on track of record economic growth in 2021