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Treasury Chapter

June 2021

The session will be held in German language.

Treasury Chapter

Smart Treasury with artificial intelligence? Experiences, case studies, results

2020 is a year which we will remember for a long time. For many companies, 2020 is forcing them to one central activity: securing liquidity. Your skills, your expertise in treasury, your capabilities are more important than ever.

At the 3rd meeting of the Treasury Chapter - online executed with WONDER -, we will focus on experiences made with AI-based hedge controllers. How do they behave at different hedge processes? What's their risk profile given the risk appetite of a corporation? And which is the impact of the benchmark on a hedge controller's behaviour?


One afternoon in June (date to be announced),
15:00 - 18:00 CET

Date to be announced

1500     Welcome and opening


1515      Plenary Session 1

Keynote: The relevance of VaR for corporate hedging

Christian Held, Head of Treasury a. D., Bayer AG


1445     Panel

Help! Hedge controller behaviour - normal or not normal?

Moderator: Carsten Jäkel, EY Global Treasury Services


1630     Plenary Session 2

Understanding hedge controllers' motivation: How the benchmark drives behaviour

Dr. Christian Brandlhuber, CTO, 21strategies GmbH


1700     End note

Superforecaster: Skill or gift?

N.N. (not yet confirmed)



1730      Gettogether with breakout rooms

Wie schmeckt Bayern?
A beertasting

Marius Fischer, Biersommelier


1815    Conclusion and end of the event day 21executive academy // treasury chapter 2021 // 3rd session