tactics21 goes

GhostPlay is a high-performance simulation environment powered by tactics21

to produce AI-based decision-making control strategies

that can plan complex defense engagements.

Where industrials are required to hedge their business risks on their own responsibility, as governments are no longer willing and able to bail-out their national industries, democratic governments, however, need to strengthen their national security architecture and protect their soil through versatile and fast strategic and tactical superiority.


tactics21 for governments features dramatic advances in AI, most notably due to its understanding of context, which makes it learning, deciding and acting more like a human does. 


Deployed in GhostPlay, t21 gov gives the basis to transform how governmental agents make decisions.

GhostPlay AI: Key facts



٠ Learn tactical AI
٠ Learn different AI paradigms
٠ For simulated ground and air Ops
٠ Demonstrate tactical AI in simulator
٠ Beat pre-defined benchmarks
٠ Integrate "ELS" requirements



Wolfram Language


VR Forces


"We compete with the big ones
in the industry. Our advantage
is our agility and the ability
to quickly show results."

PROF. GARY SCHAAL, Head of the Chair of Political Science at the Helmut Schmidt University

Executing agency of GhostPlay

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©Alesch Mühlbauer
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Digital capabilities  

GhostPlay unlocks the true potential of AI and cognitive software and closes capability gaps of today's AI-supported operations and processes.

Needs fewer data 

In contrast to consumer businesses and other industries, defense lacks mass data of crises and conflicts. Data are simply not available.
GhostPlay solve the issue through scenarios and synthetic data or enhanced real data.

Greater autonomy

tactics21 lays the ground for full technical autonomy. Its AI can learn with minimal supervision and automates cognitive human tasks.
It makes GhostPlay the first of its kind that envisions the tremendous possibilities of third wave AI.

Challenges   How we solve them
GhostPlay's tactical AI needs to learn decision sequences for an extended time period, and there is no platform or environment to train it. GhostPlay uses 21strategies' proprietary analytics engine tactics21 to learn and evaluale tactical AI.
Tactical AI cannot learn from past or current conflicts. There is too small data available. GhostPlay's tactical AI learns with contextual models rather than with data. It is data-enhanced, not data-enabled.
GhostPlay's tactical AI needs to be demonstrated in a way that both the engineers and the client can understand what it learned and how it behaves.

GhostPlay's tactical AI is being migrated to a third party visualization platform which serves as the AI's synthethic operational environment where it shows how it behaves.

Third wave AI raises philosophical and legal questions. It shall come as a compliant software. GhostPlay's AI training is being done according to IEEE 7000TM standard for value-based engineering.

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